Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pearls for the day : the new way to wear pearls.

Think pearls are for grannies ? Think again !

Though i quite love pearls , i believed they were way too elegant for casual outfits , until i came across this fabulous looking necklace (and some wise words from a great stylist).
This beautiful piece by Tom
Binns is called 'pearls in peril' , that should give you some ideas !

The coolest new way to wear pearls is 'distressed' ; which means you toughen them up by mixing them with some rocker type metal and black beaded chains.

That way you can wear them with your skinny Jeans , tees and ankle boots, for the 'Coco-Chanel-met-Avril-
Lavigne-and-they-exchanged-style-tips' glam rocker look.

Trust me, no one will think of your grandma when they see pearls like these, except to wonder why theirs didn't leave them a few strands.

And if you seriously like pearls, check out this link and try out these
DIY ideas.


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