Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The quilted & the classic: the Dior "Lady" bags.

The word “iconic” is used so commonly these days, that calling this bag as such, would be a shame.

What is it about this timeless classic that has enamored generations of beautiful women (and no doubt, a few men) to reach out for it when they want to be seen as “Supremely Chic”?

Is it the French brand Dior, or the perfectly elegant design, or the whole aura of legendary style associated with the bag?

Most likely it’s all of the above- the perfect balance of great design, exclusivity and history.

Like all true design classics the Lady Dior possesses the ability to effortlessly fit into any occasion and transform the wearer into a creature of magical allure, time after time.

Why am i writing about this bag, that needs no introductions ?

Simply because it's so inspiring , and i also came across this "Hitchcockian" online promo film...fantastic !!

(See at the end of post for the link) . I am quite obsessed with the idea of online TV channels and serials,online movies and other cool web marketing stuff these days.

Apparently there are 4 parts to this mini film , the remaining three being under production ( Btw, the lead lady is Marion Cotillard, a true beauty).

Bravo, Galliano !!


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