Sunday, January 3, 2010

White heat: the classic white shirt and why it’s always in.

Okay, so I won’t lie this post comes at this time because when I recently (finally) got to watch “The September issue” - which by the way , I loved- I was thrilled to see the scene where Thakoon ( a young upcoming designer) is asked to work with Gap and create a new line inspired by the classic white shirt. What an utterly exciting project. 

But aside from the timing, many friends of mine will vouch for me when I say this- I have always been a huge fan of the classic white men’s shirt. According to me the white shirt is not a garment; it is a philosophy, an attitude and a way of life. The white shirt is a symbol of “Pure classic style”. Easy, natural, chic and brilliantly versatile. 

Because, like black, white is not really a color in the technical sense-if black is nothing or the absence of color, white is everything or the merging of all the colors (we can perceive) into one non-color. And so, it goes with everything and suits everyone (well, almost). 

Apart from all that symbolism, the fact remains, that a good white shirt like the LBD is one of the hardest working items in your closet if you know how to use it. It never goes out of style, it looks classy, it works with every size, shape and skin tone and with everything else in your closet, it can be dressed up or down depending on your need... the list of plus points is endless.

But a little warning here, unlike black it isn’t easy to maintain …and there is nothing worse than a tacky white shirt. 

Here’s the trick- keep a couple of well cut and expensive (think classic designer labels and silk) button-downs as staples that you dry clean at the best cleaner you can afford, these will never let you down. And then, keep adding a couple of good quality but not-so-expensive white shirts, blouses or T-shirts in the season's trendiest shapes and fabrics, to your wardrobe every season. 

Every once in a while, make sure to get rid of the outdated styles and the stained or yellowing pieces (if it's really an expensive piece ask if your cleaner will dye them in a darker color, yet another advantage of white) because sometimes no amount of dry cleaning will bring the brilliance back. 

A small price to pay for looking immaculately stylish, I say!

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  1. But colour runs from dyed clothes.

  2. New Year Greetings!

    Finally. A gender-unbiased article (reasonably unbiased) that one can actually use. Not that your earlier articles were not of use.

    Wish you had included some practical tips on how to keep white shirts white.

    Nice, all the same.


  3. Hey ! thanks for your comments, points noted shall try and include tips like that next time , however am worried posts will become longer than they already are !!


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