Monday, February 8, 2010

Cartier's Trinity Ring: why the Trinity remains the Lord of the rings.

First created in 1819, the trinity ring remains a great symbol of eternal love and one of the most iconic pieces of jewelry ever created by Cartier.  Minimalist in design, it consists of three interconnected rings of white, pink and yellow gold in 18 karats, symbolizing friendship, love and finally the declaration of fidelity. 
The concept is beautiful and story of its creation is equally interesting, though there is no actual proof that events indeed took place this way.
Apparently Jean Cocteau, a very talented artist was a good friend of Louis Cartier's and one day he woke up after he had a wonderful dream about the rings of Saturn and asked Louis Cartier for a jewel that would capture their beauty, and that is how the Trinity ring was conceptualized.

The ring was first marketed in 1924 and was an instant success. Cartier has created many stunning lines of jewelry down the years but the classic elegance of the trinity has remained unsurpassed.
In 2009, Cartier launched the new Trinity line of bracelets, earrings, and rings which retain the original simple design with the added glamour of diamonds.
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