Thursday, February 18, 2010

Indigo Route: why the classic dark wash jeans are the way to go for all seasons.

I love the fact that dresses are back in such a big way, and skirts and trousers. But, while I love wearing one of those when I am feeling smart and dressy, at heart I am a true-blue jeans lover and nothing will change that.
Let me put it like this -if someone took away all my pairs of jeans, promising to replace them with any number of lovely dresses, skirts or pants that I could wish for, from the season’s best collections; I would still feel really lost and upset.
Thank god, that’s not about to happen any time soon.
Apparently the world still loves its denim. So, happily, denim and consequently jeans are evolving in many exciting ways and as a result a “jeans wearer” of any age, build or attitude has a mind boggling variety to choose from.
Great! But, some would say this defeats the whole point of jeans, which is –simple, no fuss, low-on-maintenance and high-on-attitude garment.
I say- it’s great to have choice, and after all, you can still choose to go for a classic.The dark wash, mid-rise, straight-fit jeans are certainly a style everyone must own.
It’s a style that looks great on everyone and goes with almost everything. The best part it has a remarkable slimming effect! Almost as good as black!
I would add here, that if you own only one pair of dark indigo jeans, then keep them as basic as possible which means no major distress , fading, embellishments, whiskers, zippers etc.
A slight stretch would be good and go for really good quality denim so that the color stays true. Oh! and wash them reversed.
If you want to be a little more adventurous try skinnies, boot-cuts or the 70s flared style.
The faded and distressed versions are really cool too.
Now, happily wear them with crisp white shirts; add black stilettos, a large slouchy black bag and classy diamond jewelry for effortless daytime glamour or wear with a black t-Shirt and ankle booties for laidback chic or with plaid shirts and tan boots for country inspired charm…the options are unlimited.
"Why not black denim then, aren't they more versatile" you ask?
Well, black jeans are another classic must own piece and I shall elaborate on their virtues in another post; but the fact is- jeans are not really jeans if they aren’t blue…actually that sounds a little too extreme, but it’s true that you simply can’t replace a classic indigo pair.
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