Friday, October 8, 2010

Currently crushing on...Erdem Kasuma embroidered wool cape

The last time I felt like this about a cape was probably when I was in 3rd grade and I wanted to dress up as  "Red riding hood" for a fancy-dress competition at school .
I actually bullied my poor mother into getting a gross little red velvet cloak stitched
for me by the local tailor.

The episode didn't quite go as planned because I seem to remember feeling a little silly as people glared at me uncomprehendingly. So I never wanted to wear the cape after the show, which by the way, was won by some dull and predictable little bunny or butterfly, I can't remember.

That is probably why I have always thought  "cloaks and capes" only work well in fairy tales not in
real life.
But the way I feel now about this really grown-up cloak  is quite different!

It seems surprisingly wearable and very very stylish , it will probably bring on glares of a totally different kind- the kind that leave you feeling smug.                                                                        

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