Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Swapzaar's True North.

As of now I am obsessed with Swapzaar and growing this little baby.
So you might find that my content has veered away from fashion-related topics, towards growing a fashion startup. Also- I might be less frequent with my posts, and may share stuff from my other blog which is the Swapzaar blog.

I was looking at this TED talk video the other day, and I realized we were making the same mistake and so I decided to make a clear statement that captures the answer to the question "Why does Swapzaar exist?" in a manner that connects with our intended consumers.

Yes, that's what we need to remember- that is our "True North"
Of course it sounds big and scary, but that is the point. If it doesn't scare you a little, you should aim higher.

We have started off with the Marketplace model and we plan to migrate to a Hybrid model soon.
Take a look at our Presentation, and let us know your feedback.

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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Yay! Swapzaar is finally operational, now for our first 100 registered users!!

Swapzaar.com is the first dedicated fashion re-commerce website in India which operates using store-credits , which means you can put up your gently used pre-owned and pre-loved fashion items for sale and monetize your closet!Someone might just love to shop your closet and you could make some serious money! And if you love to thrift shop, we could become your go-t0 shopping destination very soon!Oh! And since I am a co-founder on swapzaar, I am really, really proud that it’s finally operational after the slew of obstacles we faced in the past few months!!

Hurray and congratulations to us…a BIG TOAST to all struggling bootstrappers out there, here’s  to our success!!

Please like us on facebook and spread the word!

Thanks for your encouragement!


Yay! Swapzaar is finally operational, now for our first 100 registered users!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The "Resale" market: what consumers want.

A recent study conducted by Global Market Insite (GMI) shows that shopping for resale/second-hand items is growing in popularity across the board (men, women, young and old alike).

And while eBay is the most popular place to buys such goods, garage sales and car-boot sales are popular across age groups too.

The cash-strapped young folks between 18-24 and prefer to shop online for resale/second hand items mostly for the cost and variety factors.

Older folks do second-hand shopping too, but the reasons they state are different, they like to support a charitable cause while still enjoying shopping.

Women state that they like to do it for the bargain hunting thrill, but men are a little slower to adopt second had shopping.

Younger people pick up more clothes and fashion items, while the older folks prefer to pick up Books or Furniture etc. Women are more likely to shop for Vintage clothes, Books and jewellery while men tend to pick up DVDs, Tools, Books and so on.

Some reports state that UK consumers have over £30bn worth of clothes in their wardrobes, of which 30 per cent haven’t been used for a year, and it is likely to be a similar figure across most developed and developing nations, so there definitely is a lot of stuff to be sold and bought!

Overall it looks like the second hand goods market is likely to continue growing, the mixed motivations of finding a bargain and supporting a cause (A charity or fashion with a conscience) seems to be resonating with consumers.

This fantastic infographic reveals a lot about the preferences of second-hand goods shoppers. (click on image to see the larger version)


Some research reports that are available for download (not the one by GMI) are linked below:




The "Resale" market: what consumers want.