Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Long live the ankle booties : why everyone thinks they are the lastest shoe classics

Okay, this may sound totally schizo, coming right after the post about loving wedges , but the pointy heel ankle boots are SO chic and versatile, they are irresistible. After all, what other shoes can work equally well with dresses, skirts, tights and what-have-you and even make your skinny jeans and tees look like couture? They may change avatars, go from ferocious to dainty and back but they're here to stay. The quintessential modern shoe classic. These new fall versions are so lust-worthy, i wonder how anyone can bear to stomp around in them.

Edgy wedgy fall shoes: the wedge heel returns with a bang

It's great to hear that Wedges are 'officially' back, though in my life, they were never really absent. But then, i dress to please (mostly) myself. I think they're so much more elegant than platforms and so much more comfortable than pencil or stacked heels.

The best part is- my shoe closet has quite a few pairs that i have been wearing whenever i want style + comfort in equal measures (which is pretty often), and now i can wear them all the time. Ride the trend, i would say.

Don't get me wrong, i LOVE stilettos , but let's face it- walking around in them on rain-slushed and 'pot-holey' roads is hardly an exercise in elegance.

Ergo, save the stilettos for the 'Chic soiree' and rock the wedges during day this fall!!
You can flaunt all types of wedges- Pumps,peep-toes, Mary-janes, slip-ons and boots..the possibilities are endless.

The more unusual the color, the more the hardware (please, there is
class and there is crass and its essential to know the diff) and more the 'vernis' the better!!

So here's to my favorite kind of high heels- les wedges.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pearls for the day : the new way to wear pearls.

Think pearls are for grannies ? Think again !

Though i quite love pearls , i believed they were way too elegant for casual outfits , until i came across this fabulous looking necklace (and some wise words from a great stylist).
This beautiful piece by Tom
Binns is called 'pearls in peril' , that should give you some ideas !

The coolest new way to wear pearls is 'distressed' ; which means you toughen them up by mixing them with some rocker type metal and black beaded chains.

That way you can wear them with your skinny Jeans , tees and ankle boots, for the 'Coco-Chanel-met-Avril-
Lavigne-and-they-exchanged-style-tips' glam rocker look.

Trust me, no one will think of your grandma when they see pearls like these, except to wonder why theirs didn't leave them a few strands.

And if you seriously like pearls, check out this link and try out these
DIY ideas.


Bright pops of solid color : color blocking for a bold look

If you thought super bright colors are only for the style challenged, think again.
Strong colors are back, and how !

And don't worry, wearing and carrying off colors has little to do with age, but more to do with your ability to mix colors, textures and shapes to create stunning and unique looks .

Whether you decide to wear one strong color or drum up the courage to try a few unusual combinations , is up to you.

There are really very few rules , the basic ones being- try not to wear more than three colors at once and keep everything else to a minimum , which means neutral accessories, little or no jewelry and 'barely there' make-up.

Don't be afraid to try out rich fabrics , especially if you're wearing just one strong color, think flowy silk chiffons and crepes, glowing satins and tactile crushed velvets depending on the season and occasion. Experimenting with varied tones of the same bright color is clever too.

The bottom line is- the outfit should look great on your shape and skin tone, and should make you feel fabulous. The best part - there is a tonne of stuff that's already lying in your wardrobe that you can put to use for creating these looks.

For more clues look here -