Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Edgy wedgy fall shoes: the wedge heel returns with a bang

It's great to hear that Wedges are 'officially' back, though in my life, they were never really absent. But then, i dress to please (mostly) myself. I think they're so much more elegant than platforms and so much more comfortable than pencil or stacked heels.

The best part is- my shoe closet has quite a few pairs that i have been wearing whenever i want style + comfort in equal measures (which is pretty often), and now i can wear them all the time. Ride the trend, i would say.

Don't get me wrong, i LOVE stilettos , but let's face it- walking around in them on rain-slushed and 'pot-holey' roads is hardly an exercise in elegance.

Ergo, save the stilettos for the 'Chic soiree' and rock the wedges during day this fall!!
You can flaunt all types of wedges- Pumps,peep-toes, Mary-janes, slip-ons and boots..the possibilities are endless.

The more unusual the color, the more the hardware (please, there is
class and there is crass and its essential to know the diff) and more the 'vernis' the better!!

So here's to my favorite kind of high heels- les wedges.

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