Friday, November 13, 2009

Parisian inspiration …

It’s true, and now I completely believe it ; there is something about Paris that acts as a bracing tonic for the creative soul.No one who spends some quality time in Paris can come away un-moved by this sense of “anything is possible” and the electric tension that is always in the air. It's like being a character in a grand movie, going on all around you. 

Like a legend, layers upon layers of stories some true and some imagined have created an image and with time the image has become a reality.

Every time I look at videos like the one below and listen to a cute French accent or look at the familiar bluish green street signs and the people lazing in the cafes, I can almost feel the Parisian breeze on my face, and I get a pang of nostalgia that’s so intense, I get tears in my eyes (well, I also have itchy and dry winter-eyes these days).

The French people are a strange and amazing combination of practicality and romanticism. They have the incredible knack of being charming, stand-offish, welcoming and irritating all at once.I love their endless enthusiasm for life and love for their culture .They are quite spirited and will weather the bleakest of days, constant rain and cumbersome winter clothes with perfect élan, never losing their ability to enjoy the day, and a cup of hot coffee or a glass of good wine. 

Come to think of it, what else could be the secret of life, other than learning to enjoy every moment without worrying about what's around the corner?

The French women will make the best of their natural charm irrespective of economic status, by investing in good quality hairstyles, clothes and accessories that suit them rather than looking ridiculous in something expensive and trendy, that does not suit them. They also don’t believe in flaunting labels just for the label’s sake and sporting imitations is considered really “desperate”, something I’ve rarely seen the French act.

Maybe, it is this lack of desperation and the refusal to let life drive them insane, which is perceived as the infamous French superciliousness, something that used to bug me no end, when I was there. The French look down on anyone who is in a hurry or seems hassled (which, as a student, you always are). 

The other thing I like about them is, despite their keen eye for quality craftsmanship and luxury, they- more than any other people I have seen, place a higher premium on the originality, elegance and boldness of ideas over price tags, easily mixing high end brands with flea market finds, to create the easy Parisian chic that is envied the world over.

It’s not something they have to force themselves to do; it’s as natural to them as breathing.

Their sense of style is so free, innate and all-pervasive that everyday is a celebration of beautiful things, one thing at a time, no need to display everything at once like a tourist shop!

Oh, make no mistakes, the French are far from perfect and they have their peculiar set of hang-ups, but that is not the topic of my post today!

Let me just say, I now totally realize, why generations upon generations of artists and designers flock to Paris for inspiration, its reputation as the fashion capital is not undeserved.

Check this Paris street video-

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