Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Many patterned things : how pattern mixing can refresh your style instantly

If you still think color blocking was difficult to master, you obviously haven’t tried pattern mixing yet.

The mixed pattern look has not only actually made it off the runway, but has been a fairly stable trend for the past couple of years and this fall it seems to have made a strong come-back, and perhaps because it took so long to perfect ,people don’t seem to have tired of it just yet!

Therefore, in my books, it’s moved out of the realms of “passing fad” to a pretty classic style, and is worth mastering. I have to admit, it can be a lot of fun putting the looks together and it’s the perfect opportunity to “shop your closet”.

Just be ready to experiment a lot before you come up with a truly well put together look.

Also be prepared with a big smile to counter the not-so-appreciative glances and raised eyebrows from the fashion conservatives brigade.

There are no rules, but there are a few guidelines that would minimize the chances of a disaster, and here are some of the major ones- · Don’t wear two or more bold patterns together; if one is bold the other can be subtle.

· Mix patterns that are in the same color family keeping the main colors to not more than three, but don’t go overly matchy-matchy.

· Mix similar or same patterns of different weights/sizes

· Distance: Sometimes patterns work well together if they’re not against each other; bring in a neutral to create the distance.

· When already mixing patterns try and keep the style of the items similar.

For more ideas, check out this cool link


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