Thursday, November 26, 2009

With the lips of an angel : why red lips are something every woman should try.

There is something about a woman who can wear red lipstick and be perfectly at ease. It’s certainly not for the timid, but truth be told- it doesn’t always have to be the banner of the “femme fatales” either. Though, I admit that Ms. Monroe, Madonna and Gwen Stefani are the tempestuous women whose names jump to mind when we think of red lips ; there have been women like Greta Garbo and Audrey Hepburn who have worn this shade of lipstick with elegance, restraint and class. Apparently, the first known lip-painting kit was found in the 5,000-year-old tomb of Queen Schub-ad at Ur. Egyptian women are known to have adorned their pouts with a mixture of henna, pulverized beetles, and ants the shimmering effect came from the scales of fish. In India the leaves of a creeper, the paan or betel leaf made lips attractively red. Elizabeth I and the ladies of her court powdered their faces a ghostly white so that their crimson mouths—stained with a coat of poisonous mercuric sulfide—appeared more dramatic. During those days lipstick was made from bees wax and plants. It was not until World War II that lipsticks really took off – the push being given by the film world. So it isn’t surprising that strong red lips are the most recognizable aspect of female self-beautification, sensuality and attractiveness. Perhaps the very reason why, a lot of women fear this color, and prefer to stick to the more “elegant” shades of browns and pinks. But this color that never really left the scene, has been making its presence felt once more, in a more modern avatar, for the past couple of years; and this fall/winter, it has been a ramp favorite. Get this- every woman has a perfect shade of red lipstick meant for her, and she should make it her business to find that shade and wear it, if not everyday, at least often enough to make her feel like the Diva she really is. Be warned, this look isn’t easy to pull off , if you are not willing to take some trouble . But, once you learn what works for you…you will be more than compensated, in terms of the sense of personal power you feel and the admiring looks you will draw. Forget being the wallflower, be the heroine. Look here for some good tips on finding and wearing your red shade of red lipstick -


  1. Hello Miss Veena:

    Nice article. Distinctly gender-biased article as usual, but nice all the same.

    I'm told that there are lipsticks for men too, on which point your article is silent.

    Down recorded history, lipsticks were and still are, almost exclusively used by women, unlike other cosmetic products.

    During my pharma graduate days, we learnt a lot about cosmetics, their history, how to make them, and why lipsticks have always been red, and why red is still the color of choice.

    One would not want to bring a blush on the fair cheek of modesty by revealing the true reason for red lipsticks on a nice, respectable blog such yours.

    But you are right - it does take a certain type of woman to sport a blazing red lip color with grace. Not for the faint of heart.

    One is reminded of Rekha and Mumtaz from the '70's.

    Nice writing!


    SK Srinivas

  2. ha ha...sorry this blog is mostly for women and i'm not personally acquainted with men who wear lipstick (thank god for small mercies).

    And about "true reasons" etc ,i would like to say- one is aware of facts, but one chooses to refine what is presented, after all crudity is not what my blog advocates!


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