Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Clutch, accelerate, break-out : how the over-sized clutch became such a rage.

By now, you must have figured that the clutch bag (evening, day, big or small) is seeing a major come-back and particularly the “over-sized clutch” is very much the latest "It" bag, in terms of shape.
Every major design label has some version of the large clutch in it's latest accessories collections, some of the high street brands like Mango and Zara have some stylish pieces too. 

The clutch purse has it’s origins in the Victorian “reticule”, a decorative bag in which a proper lady stored her handkerchief and smelling salts, then, they sort of faded away. After the World War II, the clutch purse became the evening bag of choice once again, for elegant women everywhere and it saw the greatest heights of popularity in the 80s . 
Since then it has remained popular as the perfect accompaniment to red-carpet glamour. Who hasn't heard of the legendary Judith Leiber clutches?

Of late, its hipper new avatar, the over-sized clutch, seems to have shrugged off the “dainty” tag and has proved to be the bag of choice for the younger generation of glamazons. The thing that is so great about the over-sized clutch, is that it retains the high glam-quotient of its smaller sibling (the sleeker evening clutch) while understanding that women really need to carry a lot, yes, need. That makes it the perfect day to evening bag. 

The over-sized clutch has proved itself to be pretty versatile pairing equally well with jeans and tees and the ultra chic cocktail dress (that’s why it’s a classic, in the first place), now, throw in an optional strap that makes for a convertible clutch, that you can sling on your shoulder should the need arise, and voila – we have the perfect bag! 

We have now established it’s a classic; so you can go ahead and spend on quality without feeling guilty because you know it will take you from season to season, looking effortlessly chic . Since the shape is usually simple and slouchy, try and be a little adventurous and opt for eye-popping colors or exotic leathers ( faux, is perfectly fine if well finished). 

If you still need convincing-they were all over the latest fashion weeks!

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Banded labour : why women refuse to let go of the bandage dress.

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Introduced in the late 80s, by the French designer Hervé Legér-a pioneer in body-conscious women's fashion - the "Bandage Dress" has been a strong favorite of many of Hollywood's fashionistas. Cindy Crawford was one of the first celebs to wear the new design, and it was a huge hit through the late 80’s and early 90’s. Then, it vanished for a while with just occasional appearances on the red carpet.

But like all good things, it was meant to return- bigger than ever before. A couple of years back it suddenly made a strong come-back and it was all the craze to wear vintage Hervé Legér, so much so that the dress began to be made again due to great demand.

Today, it is seeing a major popularity high and considering the long list of hot young celebrities like Rihanna, Lindsay Lohan, Blake Lively and Chloe Sevigny (to name but a few) who have sported it recently ; it seems like it’s time to move the bandage dress to a “cult” status.

Originally inspired by ancient mummification practices, the lycra and lurex designs have been reincarnated and are being found on fashion runways everywhere. Far from creating unpleasant tight bulges, the Bandage dress holds in the areas that need to be tamed, and accentuates those which deserve some feminine merit. Sounds like a dream.

So- though it’s not for the body shy, the Bandage dress or skirt is not as unforgiving as some would have you believe, and any woman who has a great curvy figure, can wear the bandage dress if she can carry it off with confidence and dignity.

Remember , as always, with such an attention grabbing garment- less is more and you must try to go easy on the accessories, hair and make-up.

During day you could try adding texture with tights, opting for flats rather than heels, layering on a cardigan, jacket and scarf. So fresh. 

For evening, it looks amazing styled in a sharp, graphic futuristic way with dangerously pointy high heels. That's all—no jewelry, no jacket, no fussy hair. Result- sexy, and ferociously edgy.
Ladies, it’s time to give your “safe” wardrobe some fashion first-aid !

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Friday, December 4, 2009

Spot on, baby : why the leopard print will always make you look stylish.

Ramps for the past couple of years have been overflowing with animal prints. The trend is here to stay. But honestly, animal prints really can’t be classified as a trend, like some clever designer (I don’t know who, but it’s a cool quote anyway so I’m going to use it) said "animal prints and textures have been around since man (and women too) started wearing animal skins.. or as I like to say... when people started to get dressed".

What does that mean? Well, it means, my dear, that it’s a look you can invest in and sport over the coming years (with minor adjustments) without ever looking “So last season...”.
Of all the animal prints, I personally feel the leopard print is the most stylish, versatile and ever lasting.

Luckily, most of the designers also seem to think so, and leopard prints were by far the most evident animal prints on the shows with various experimental colors, print sizes and fabrics being used.

The other good thing with the new avatar of leopard prints is-you don’t necessarily have to go for the “safari” look, because the designers have managed to create an awesome range of feminine dresses, tights, jackets and what not, allowing you to create many looks with a few key pieces.

Of course, if you want to appear totally “with it” by going for something more off beat, you shall have to work a lot harder ; start by digging deeper amongst the next season’s shows and identify what looks unusual but also looks like it might become a highly coveted print. Then, try and balance that, with what might work for your body type and personality … finally, there comes the challenge of finding a well-made fashion item (garment or accessory) with that particular print, which also fits inside your budget.

If you succeed, you can rejoice- but only for a brief while, because you will be lucky if you get to wear it a couple of times, before everybody has either seen you in it or is wearing it themselves. At that point you must be willing to throw it at the back of your closet, hoping the trend comes back soon.

Also, let me warn you, few people can carry off the more “trendy” animal prints like giraffe, tiger and zebra (especially not in clothes) without looking like a glitzy bar lounge sofa.

So, all things considered, it seems far smarter to stick to small or medium sized leopard print- maybe you could try floaty fabrics or new colors for a change.This will allow you to go for better quality items, that you can use for a few years, if not forever.

I’m not going to carry on about the do’s and don’ts of wearing this look, the links at the bottom will tell you everything you need to know.