Monday, January 25, 2010

The Hermès Birkin : why the Birkin remains the ultimate arm candy.

What can one say about the Birkin, that hasn’t already been said in a thousand different ways? Suffice it to say that this is the bag that tops every list of iconic bags, ever.

Created by the legendary fashion house Hermès sometime in the 1980s (probably 1984); the Birkin was named after Jane Birkin a British-born actress and singer .The roomy size, the no frills styling and simple lines of the Birkin lend themselves beautifully to every season and occasion save (maybe) the “red carpet”, and can never ever look dated. The minimalist hand crafted design has yet another advantage- the bag looks different with every type of material  or color used, minimizing the chances of repeat fatigue. 

Is it any surprise that Victoria Beckham, one of the most ardently followed fashion icons of all time, owns around a hundred of these?

The myths about the origins of the bag, its pricey exclusivity and the fuss surrounding its means of procurement; further add to its cult status,  making the Birkin a perfect case study for understanding how luxury brands are created and kept alive. The little traditions, rituals and stories that lesser brands dismiss as a waste of time, play an all-important role in keeping the discerning customer interested.

I have promised myself that someday soon I shall own my favorite version- the back crocodile leather one, maybe the one with the diamond buckles(depending on how well my business is doing) . Now, if that can't keep me motivated, nothing can!

For more on the legend of the Birkin, and some related chick-literature look here


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