Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just Jackie : Why Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis is the first lady of true class.

Jacqueline Lee Bouvier was born on July 28th 1929 into a wealthy catholic family; her father was a successful Wall Street broker. Jacqueline’s early life was spent in New York at the family estate. She was a lover of outdoors and horses and was a skilled equestrienne. She also loved reading and the arts.

She studied at private schools and spent a student exchange year in France; and in general she lived a privileged life. Her parents divorced when she was just ten and Jacqueline who was always a cool and private child, became even quieter and learnt to keep her thoughts to herself.

All this influenced her personality and she developed a stoic grace and a highly refined and individualistic sense of style very early. Not classically beautiful, Jackie understood what worked for her and became very skilled at highlighting her best features while disguising her flaws.

She was one of the most loved and followed media personalities of the 60s as wife of John F Kennedy the 35th president of the United Sates, whom she met through her first job at the Washington Times-Herald newspaper, and married in 1953.

Jackie was and still remains one of the most admired first ladies of the United States for her dignity and devotion to her country and family, and she is also undoubtedly one of the most influential fashion icons of all time.

Above everything else, it is her courage, dignity and enduring charisma that make her a true style aristocrat.

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