Friday, January 22, 2010

L'air Du Temps : the fragrance for the eternal romantic...

The name that can be translated as "In the air" or "Of the moment" , articulates the spirit of the perfume beautifully. Launched by Robert Ricci -Nina Ricci's son, in 1948 soon after the World War II, the perfume and it's name expressed a need for freedom and peace, capturing the essence of the times.

Francis Fabron, the designer of the perfume,created an ever enchanting,shimmering spicy-floral classic. The exact composition is still a mystery but the floral-spicy note of the carnation is at centre of its being. Bergamot and rosewood support the development of the carnation theme, refined with the notes of rose and jasmine. Violet and iris give a powdery nuance, and create a harmony with the woodsy notes of cedar and sandal, while sensual musk and amber add the final feminine accord to this fragrance.

The exquisite original bottle featured a single frosted dove and first made its appearance in 1951, it was created by Marc Lalique, the son of the legendary jeweler Rene Lalique.

The fragrance has inspired many flankers including L'Air du Printemps, L'Eau du Temps, L'Air du Temps Colombes Couleur, and Nina Ricci L'Air du Temps Love Fills.
All of them are variations of the original romantic-feminine theme and have different versions of the kissing doves bottle, making them a collector's delight.

Recently L'air du Temps celebrated it's 60th anniversary with a limited edition bottle made of black crystal, in cooperation with Lalique.
The fragrance has remained virtually unchanged and
so far it has enchanted generations women around the world ,I have no doubt that the fairy tale will endure.

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