Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Luxe safaris : the sophisticated new Khaki look will never go out of style.

In case you hadn't noticed, the khakis and Safari looks have been making quite a comeback in the past couple of spring/summer collections. The difference is, instead of the standard crinkled cottons and relaxed silhouettes (over-popularized by GAP) that are all about being laidback, the new safari/khaki look is much more sophisticated and even luxurious.

Khakis can go Safari and they can even go Military, but in this post i shall refer to Khaki more from the Safari point of view.
Well, according to me, the "Safari look" is pretty classic and while we may see ebbs and flows in it's popularity it will never really "Go away".

So what could add that twist of glam to an otherwise standard summer staple? 
 i think the key difference lies in the fabrics and silhouettes- the fabrics now being used are more glamorous, flowy chiffons, crepe silks and even satins with a soft sheen; and the shapes are far more sharply tailored and feminine than those plain bulky trousers, practical skirts and masculine shirts we associate khakis with. 

Basically it helps to remind yourself that you are not actually setting out on a safari, its all about portraying the spirit of summer, the luxury of free time and travels to exotic places .

Bringing in touches of Gold, Bronze, Amber or bright Orange, in the form of accessories could take  the outfit up a notch or two. And, don't worry about pairing high-heels with your safari look, remember you are not shooting for a re-make of "Out of Africa".

Not surprisingly, what also works well with the Khaki/Safari look is adding elements of vibrant animal and/or tribal prints and accessories (in neutrals or warm tones) .

So go ahead pull out those beautiful desert neutrals and see how you glam them up.

For some inspiration look here:

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