Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sailor on the shore: why nauticals are always the classic summer choice

The navy/sailor inspired styles or "nauticals" as they are called are undoubtedly a classic summer choice. What could be more refreshing for summer, than a style that reminds you of sailing on bright turquoise seas with a tangy breeze in your face, as you set off into the horizon for a sun and surf filled adventure?

It must be something to do with the striking color palette of White, Navy and Red or maybe its the the graphic simplicity of the horizontal stripes and well-recognized marine motifs that makes the mood distinctly holiday like and uncomplicated .The combinations are endless, if not clothes you could add some naval inspired accessories (shoes, belts, bags, jewelry or scarves etc) to a basic navy or white outfit and voila, Chic Ahoy!

The best part- if you look in your closet right now, you probably have everything you need to create a nautical inspired look. Just get hold of a couple of cool trendy pieces (again, i would suggest, go for accessories) and by the thundering typhoons, you are all set to sail !!

For more tips on how to put together this look, check out these cool links: 

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