Monday, February 22, 2010

The Hermès scarf : why it remains the most elegant square ever.

Introduced in 1937, this was one of the first non-leather merchandises that Hermès produced. Since then, these hand printed and finished scarves, have become the symbol of “classy lady” chic. Lovely women from Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly to Sarah Jessica Parker have all worn it with great flair.
Like they say- there are scarves and then there is the Hermès scarf.
Designed by artists, made of the finest silk twill, lovingly crafted by skilled artisans, this is a square piece of perfection; and everything about the Hermès scarf reeks of refinement, obsessive attention to detail and timeless elegance.
Hermès issues two collections of scarves in a year, and every scarf has a name. About twelve designs are created in each collection usually consisting of six new designs and six reissues updated with new colors and/or a small change like a contrast border. Sometimes designs are reissued after decades.
A regular Hermès scarf (if the word “regular” can at all be used for Hermès) has anywhere from five to forty-two colors and each color is printed by hand using silk screens. Also, there are a limited number of monochromatic scarves called carrè finesse. The hem or “roule” is hand rolled by skilled women called roulotteuses.
The most popular materials used are silk twill, silk chiffon and a blend of cashmere and silk. The Hermès scarf is available in three standard sizes, the most popular one being the full carrè size: 35" x 35".
A scarf needs almost two years from design conceptualization to finishing; and can take up to 2000 hours of work. It undergoes several rigorous quality checks along the way before it finally makes it inside the famed orange box packaging.
And there, it awaits the lucky woman who gets to own it.
Sometimes several women might own it …because not only do daughters and grand-daughters hold on to them as gorgeous heirlooms, but vintage Hermès scarves are greatly sought after in the collectors’ market. Some things simply get better with time.
So next time don’t pick up just any old scarf, go for the legendary Hermès carrè.
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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Indigo Route: why the classic dark wash jeans are the way to go for all seasons.

I love the fact that dresses are back in such a big way, and skirts and trousers. But, while I love wearing one of those when I am feeling smart and dressy, at heart I am a true-blue jeans lover and nothing will change that.
Let me put it like this -if someone took away all my pairs of jeans, promising to replace them with any number of lovely dresses, skirts or pants that I could wish for, from the season’s best collections; I would still feel really lost and upset.
Thank god, that’s not about to happen any time soon.
Apparently the world still loves its denim. So, happily, denim and consequently jeans are evolving in many exciting ways and as a result a “jeans wearer” of any age, build or attitude has a mind boggling variety to choose from.
Great! But, some would say this defeats the whole point of jeans, which is –simple, no fuss, low-on-maintenance and high-on-attitude garment.
I say- it’s great to have choice, and after all, you can still choose to go for a classic.The dark wash, mid-rise, straight-fit jeans are certainly a style everyone must own.
It’s a style that looks great on everyone and goes with almost everything. The best part it has a remarkable slimming effect! Almost as good as black!
I would add here, that if you own only one pair of dark indigo jeans, then keep them as basic as possible which means no major distress , fading, embellishments, whiskers, zippers etc.
A slight stretch would be good and go for really good quality denim so that the color stays true. Oh! and wash them reversed.
If you want to be a little more adventurous try skinnies, boot-cuts or the 70s flared style.
The faded and distressed versions are really cool too.
Now, happily wear them with crisp white shirts; add black stilettos, a large slouchy black bag and classy diamond jewelry for effortless daytime glamour or wear with a black t-Shirt and ankle booties for laidback chic or with plaid shirts and tan boots for country inspired charm…the options are unlimited.
"Why not black denim then, aren't they more versatile" you ask?
Well, black jeans are another classic must own piece and I shall elaborate on their virtues in another post; but the fact is- jeans are not really jeans if they aren’t blue…actually that sounds a little too extreme, but it’s true that you simply can’t replace a classic indigo pair.
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Sorry about the lapse...

I am sorry for the lapse!
I blame it on a viral fever attack and sadness over McQ's untimely demise...
I took as a sign of some sort, i can't quite figure out the coded message the universe is sending out to all of us ...

Could it be that it's asking the fashion world to keep things in perspective ,slow down, enjoy the process, encourage the talented, help the troubled, guide the lost and stop thinking that fashion is life ?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Cartier's Trinity Ring: why the Trinity remains the Lord of the rings.

First created in 1819, the trinity ring remains a great symbol of eternal love and one of the most iconic pieces of jewelry ever created by Cartier.  Minimalist in design, it consists of three interconnected rings of white, pink and yellow gold in 18 karats, symbolizing friendship, love and finally the declaration of fidelity. 
The concept is beautiful and story of its creation is equally interesting, though there is no actual proof that events indeed took place this way.
Apparently Jean Cocteau, a very talented artist was a good friend of Louis Cartier's and one day he woke up after he had a wonderful dream about the rings of Saturn and asked Louis Cartier for a jewel that would capture their beauty, and that is how the Trinity ring was conceptualized.

The ring was first marketed in 1924 and was an instant success. Cartier has created many stunning lines of jewelry down the years but the classic elegance of the trinity has remained unsurpassed.
In 2009, Cartier launched the new Trinity line of bracelets, earrings, and rings which retain the original simple design with the added glamour of diamonds.
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Monday, February 1, 2010

Chanel 2.55 - Why the Chanel 2.55 is the other iconic bag you should own.

The Chanel 2.55 is the other bag you must know (apart from the Birkin). The 2.55 in its name refers to the first release of the 2.55 bag in February of 1955. The Chanel 2.55 was revolutionary for its times, because it featured a shoulder chain strap which allowed women to keep their hands free during cocktail parties, and it was highly successful because it was elegant, practical and just the perfect bag for every occasion.

In my opinion the 2.55 has a youthful, fun and carefree air about it, that the Birkin does not, which is perfectly fine because bags must have personalities, otherwise why bother?

Now, the Chanel 2.55 comes in two versions – the classic and the reissue.
The reissue (an almost exact replica of the original bag designed by Coco) was introduced by Karl Lagerfeld the creative director of Chanel (since 1983) in 2005, as a tribute, for the 50th anniversary of the bag.

The two major differences between the reissue and the classic are as follows – the lock on the Reissue is the original lock, it is called the Mademoiselle Lock, while the ‘CC’ lock was introduced to the Classic Flap Bags only in the 1980s by designer Karl Lagerfeld. Secondly, the reissue has an all chain handle, while the classic has leather interwoven between the chain links.

The typical 2.55 is made from lambskin and has the trademark quilting in running stitch in a diamond or herringbone pattern. But up to 30 new editions are created every year as the women just never seem to get enough of this bag.

The best part of this bag is that it is simple and elegant and combines equally well with gowns and jeans, and if you keep it well someday your granddaughter will thank you for it!!

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