Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My new group on Linkedin for Indian fashion Writers & Bloggers

Today on Linkedin I created a new group called Indian fashion writers and bloggers.
Because, I would love to get to know the Indian fashion literati.

So anybody who knows an Indian fashion writer/blogger, please forward this to them and do ask them to check out the group on Linkedin.
This group is meant to be an informal platform for Indian (based in India) fashion writers and bloggers to get to know each other and exchange news, views and information.
They need not be focused on any one aspect of the fashion business (like just design) or on the Indian fashion industry only, in fact the more diverse their interests or topics of blogging , the better.
For instance, I am trying to focus only on "style classics" in my blog.
So people who write about models, retailers (fashion) , designers, fabrics , production aspects, or International trends etc, all would valuable as members.
With time, as more people join (hopefully) we could change the charter of the group and make it more formal and active.

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