Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Trench Connection : why the trench coat will always stay at the front-line of fashion

If there is one piece of outerwear that stylish people love, without reserve, it is the trench coat.
A classic, flawlessly tailored trench coat can save you from your worst fashion moments whether you are in London, Paris, Milan,New York or just about anywhere on Earth. Once you have it on (with a good pair of shoes, of course) it will hardly matter what you are wearing underneath ! Such is the magic of this coat.
This unisex military inspired garment has withstood the test of time and has proved beyond doubt, that a practical design that works hard , while still managing to make the wearer look effortlessly stylish , is the key to a permanent place in the world's most fashionable wardrobes.
A definite character and an interesting history, can only help.
Now that it has become such a fashion staple, it might be difficult to imagine that the trench coat was originally developed as an alternative to the heavy greatcoats worn by the British and French soldiers in the first World War . It became an optional item of dress, available on purchase for officers. Other ranks were not allowed to wear them.
During the Second World war the officers of the UK continued to wear them and other nations like France, Germany, Poland , US and Soviet Union also developed coats of similar style for their military officers.
And though shorter and more practical designs soon came into being and replaced it in the military , the trench coat became the most recognized symbol of a military officer from the World War times.
A typical trench coat has raglan sleeves and ten buttons, it is usually double breasted , has cuff straps, a capelet (or gun flap) and a waist belt ,there is a vent (slit) at the back and sometimes shoulder epaulets.
It is used as a wind breaker or a rain-coat , and is best for transitional weather like spring and autumn , it does not really protect against snowy or bitter cold conditions.
Although both Burberry and Aquascutum both claim to have invented this iconic piece of clothing,today, the luxury brand Burberry, the house that invented the Gabardine fabric, is synonymous with the trench coat and truly makes some of the most fabulous ones.

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