Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Shorter posts - Twist on the classic series , commencing today, 140410

I have realized , quite belatedly (I must admit I am a slow learning blogger), that it is not necessary to stick to any one type/format of post on a blog.
At least, not for my kind of blog...

So I have decided,  apart from my longish posts on "style classics", in order to improve my post rate ( at least I am honest), I shall put up shorter but more frequent posts (as in, twice a week, hopefully) .

Here is my plan to keep it short and sweet-I pick up an interesting and random fashion /art/lifestyle/design/movies (etc) related image,  featuring something that is probably a "twist on a classic" and has captured my attention, for whatever reason/s. 
I just put it up here (the picture) and simply put my thoughts below it, as a short two line caption , on why I find the image interesting.

I know its not a "new' idea, but why should it be, as long as it is interesting and fun?

Of course, I would love it if all those reading the post also jump in and put up their witty and funny comments, I mean, that is sort-of the point of doing this...

PS- The image above is not the first "Twist on a classic" post, it's just a picture to make this post seem interesting ...please bear with me, I am little handicapped right now, because i don't have my photoshop and illustrator up and running yet!!

Disclaimer- The writer does not claim any rights to the images used in the blog.The collages/images used have been collected using google image search  and  created /modified for use on this non-comemrcial blog.

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  1. Lol..i have the same problem..writing longish posts that is! i set out to write a short one but it just always ends up being long for some reason..anyways nice blog:)


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