Saturday, September 18, 2010

"Currently crushing on ..." - why virtual window shopping will (err, might) save the world.

I am feeling rather pleased with myself. I have discovered lately that sudden urges to splurge ( hey that rhymes urge to splurge ) needn't be suppressed at all , they are easily handled through virtual shopping followed by blogging or tweeting about what you loved- Its almost like the real thing.

So, I thought to myself - why not share some of my "I-would-buy-this-in-a-heartbeat-if-I-had-a-teensy-bit-more-credit-on-my-card " kind of discoveries on my blog !! And also why I love them (Obviously there has to be something timelessly chic about them). Many people do this and now I know why they are happy , consistent bloggers.

These Objets de d├ęsir, would be from my favorite online window shopping destinations (the whole worlds' probably) net-a-porter and  theoutnet and many others , sometimes even sets from Polyvore could appear here, and it would obviously mean I want almost everything on that set.

I think It's quite brilliant - get rid of the immediate need to see and discuss awe-inspiring designs and droolworthy items, as well as generate a little (actually quite a bit more , considering how many things I am lusting after, at any point in time) more content for my woefully un-updated blog !!

Yes , yes , I know some people would think this is like cheating, and to be a really " better "  (recession matured and responsible ) person you must get rid of the desire to own expensive beautiful objects and start thinking about saving for that proverbial rainy day and saving the planet etc. 

I agree, with the first part - money has to be kept aside for the rainy days/years !!
Im not sure about humans saving the planet, frankly, I think its a tad too late for that...but this might help as much as anything else!

But , not to digress,I think this one of those things where cheating (of the type I am talking about in this post- harmless) is not only acceptable, its highly recommended.
Think, nicotine patches and AA , support systems - they help !!

Whats the problem with ogling at fabulously designed clothes, bags and shoes online ? None whatsoever- that I can see .Okay, you would probably spend a lot more time surfing than you should , but whatever...who doesn't? Plus your blog isn't such a disgrace anymore...

And- I have an unlimited surfing package from my cable guy, so there.

Disclaimer- The writer does not claim any rights to the images used in this blog. The pictures used in the blog, have been collected using google image search and modified for use on this non-commercial blog.

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