Friday, November 12, 2010

Just saw this video by H&M - "All for children"

I have to say I find this video endearingly " Phirangi"  (foreign) and totally hilarious.
This same woman would never explain things so patiently, to another Indian , she would probably be selling or buying vegetables and bargaining nastily.

As we all know India is mildly schizophrenic as a country, not in a debilitating way, people from other countries actually find that amazing about us.
But even we Indians can be caught off-guard sometimes...this woman for instance, has no idea how fantastic her story sounds and that is what is drop dead funny.

H&M has captured a certain kind of India very well, but I always wonder when they will capture the other India ...the emerging "fashion crowd" of India.

Indian brands are already engaging with the young fashion crowd, but It would be interesting to see the Indian "High street fashion set" through  H&M's eyes.

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