Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thakoon - Another down-to-earth modern designer I like

When I saw the September Issue and noted this new whiz kid designer Thakoon being personally promoted by Anna Wintour, I thought to myself  ' Wow , is he lucky ! Let us see if this guy stays grounded and uses this amazing opportunity to do great work, or whether he gets carried away and stops focusing on his designs'.

I am happy to note that so far, he is really managing to do well, despite all the publicity and positive reviews he has been getting, he has retained his approachable and polite nature at the same time he comes across as confident and savvy. He is also definitely doing some great work. In fact what seems very nice about him is that when you talk to him he seems more interested in discussing his work than the general goings on in the fashion world.

His style is " wearable and casually sophisticated with a little edgy twist " which is fantastic, and not an easy balance to achieve on a consistent basis.

So here is wishing the young designer all the best, I hope he stays the way he is, which is 
open , relaxed, curious and connected to the real world.

To see his latest work check out this link -

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