Thursday, December 9, 2010

Two Free directories to add your blog to - Bloggernity & Bloggapedia !!

I have been trying to find good (and free) blog directories to add my blog to.
And I came upon this list of five free directories -

I am trying to try jump-start my non-existent SEO efforts by adding my blog to these directories. I am curious to see if and how, they will work .

I have already added my blog on to IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers) and you can see the nice badge is flashing on my blog. I am not too active on the forum there but I do go and check some new blogs occasionally and end up following a couple of them.

Some of these directories need a link back and some of them demand it openly, while some of them politely request it. I am quite happy to oblige, but the space to add more badges is limited, hence this post with the links.

I hope this suffices !!

So check the links below and discover some great new blogs, while adding your own blog to get discovered !!

blog search directory

Blog Directory

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