Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Currently crushing on...Net-work Bag on ModCloth

ModCloth is like net-a-porter for smaller independent designers.

I have seen their stuff and they really have great things at fantastic prices.

I have read their reviews and they are mixed.
Some people are raving about the goods they've purchased and some are cribbing about the fits, but hey, at least the reviews are out there , not hidden !! You can decide for yourself.

I personally feel this is a great website ; and rather than have a hundred thousand more new "sales/discount websites for high-end designer wear" I would prefer to have have many more really good "Indie fashion" websites like this one. Especially in India.

Ah, about this bag - its quite beautiful , it has that luxury feel to it and its just the right size too. I wonder if the gold sequins peeking out, might be a bit too much , I would have preferred maybe a good heavy satin with equestrian prints or something , and also gold colored hardware, not silver. 

But really, these are very small details, overall the bag is fabulous.
Apparently it is made of some "vegan friendly" material , if you like to be careful about such things. And that price...incredible!
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  1. Hi Veena!

    Thanks so much for featuring the Net-work Bag! It's so versatile and can add that extra special touch to any outfit.


    Emily @ModCloth


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