Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Swapzaar's True North.

As of now I am obsessed with Swapzaar and growing this little baby.
So you might find that my content has veered away from fashion-related topics, towards growing a fashion startup. Also- I might be less frequent with my posts, and may share stuff from my other blog which is the Swapzaar blog.

I was looking at this TED talk video the other day, and I realized we were making the same mistake and so I decided to make a clear statement that captures the answer to the question "Why does Swapzaar exist?" in a manner that connects with our intended consumers.

Yes, that's what we need to remember- that is our "True North"
Of course it sounds big and scary, but that is the point. If it doesn't scare you a little, you should aim higher.

We have started off with the Marketplace model and we plan to migrate to a Hybrid model soon.
Take a look at our Presentation, and let us know your feedback.

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